The Regular Competition Akigase

Peter Bloeme Author

 Hyperflite Japan Canine Disc Club was recently founded in cooperation with Peter Bloeme,
Director of Skyhoundz. He introduced the sport of disc dogs to Japan 14 years ago with JFA as the base of disc dogs in Japan.  And, he will come back to Saitama after an interval of 6 years. Let's enjoy disc dogs with him.

 Competitions will be held every other month at Kibounokuni Ground, Akigase Park in Saitama City. And we are planning for a two-day competition. The same staff and same members are waiting for you as usual. Anybody can take part in this club, irrespective of disc preference or disc dog association. And, this club has changed their name to Japan-America International Club. You can use any disc you like in competition as you can in most events in America.
The rules, categories and so forth haven't changed. You don't have to pay any membership fee, but only an entry fee, We'll change the name "The Regular Competition in Akigase" in March. We look forward to seeing you then.
Please expect of our new club
Director of Hyperflite Japan Canine Disc Club :Yukihiro Sekiguchi
Director of Skyhoundz:Peter Bloeme

The Regular Comprtition in Akigase
Sekiguchi dog training service Comprtition in Okegawa training center

 The Regular Competition in Akigase will be more powerful in cooperation with Peter Bloeme. This club will be the international club wiht America, but even then our goal is still "playing with dogs." And, our competition is for everyone including beginners. We will have disc and disc dog training with Peter in the future. Wait for this.

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